Scanmatic is part of the new green-tech company Volue ASA.
The group of companies previously called Scanmatic are now relabeled, and are all called Volue Industrial IoT.

Volue Industrial IoT works in 5 main segments:

Renewable – Environment – Intelligent Traffic Systems – Offshore – Defence

UPDATE: Scanmatic AS is now known as
Volue Industrial IoT

Since its establishment in 1971, Scanmatic has focused on the development and delivery of quality products and systems in industrial instrumentation, monitoring and control systems to professional, industrial customers within traffic, military, offshore and renewable energy.

UPDATE: Scanmatic In Situ AB is now known as
Volue Industrial IoT

From offices in Stockholm and Ockelbo, Volue In Situ offers the same solutions as Scanmatic AS and Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS to the Swedish market. In addition to high competence in wind power engineering and instrumentation as well as damistration. Scanmatic Insitu supply, among other things, measurement stations to SMHI (the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), Statkraft, Vattenfall, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and Eolus.

UPDATE: Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS is now known as
Volue Industrial IoT

Volue Instrument Technology. Formerly known as ITAS. ITAS was located on Campus of NMBU in Ås since 1972, but has since 2020 relocated to Vestby.