Acoustic Subsea Monitoring


Scanmatic offers extremely small sensors with hydroacoustic communication (sound in water). These have very low power consumption and are very affordable compared to other hydroacoustic solutions. The sensors measure angle, depth or motion and have a wide potential for underwater structural monitoring. Scanmatic has provided several systems for monitoring the integrity of mooring lines using this technology.

Typical applications for the technology are mooring line angle monitoring, depth monitoring of subsea buoyancy elements, rotation and/or movement monitoring of pipelines and subsea templates, amongst other. In general the solution is used to provide situational awareness of subsea infrastructure and provide early warning if changes occur.


The 10 cm long sensors have more than 10 years of battery life depending on how often they send a signal. The range is more than 500m.

The fixing solution chosen will range from simple cable ties handled by divers to dedicated ROV clamps. The solution is well suited for new builds and retrofit applications. FPSOs, buoys, floating rigs, floating offshore wind and aquaculture installations are considered the most relevant structures.

The information from the sensors is received by a wired receiver connected to a topside control system for presenting relevant information, alarm management and integration with other systems.