Automatic Incident Detection AID


Scanmatic provides automatic incident detection (AID) for tunnels in all regions of Norway.

AID systems can be used to get quick alerts and an overview of possible accidents and alarms for unexpected stops of cars, pedestrian in the tunnel, cargo dropped by road vehicles, queues, slow moving vehicles and smoke. The system can also be used for statistics and count the number and type of vehicles passing through the tunnel.


The detection systems can be based on optical and / or thermal cameras, or radar. The system comes with its own VMS servers for video surveillance of the tunnel. Video from the camera is streamed directly to the VTS SCADA system for a quick overview of events being detected. Video from any camera in the tunnel is available for one week on the VMS servers. And can be easily extracted from these.

Different tunnels require different sensitivity of the system. Scanmatic ensures that the system is tailor-made for the tunnel through thorough testing before the customer’s acquisition.