Sonar3 is Scanmatic’s new generation of core technology for systems within underwater acoustics and sonar testing. Based on

Networks and network topology

Application Scanmatic supplies complete industrial networks and network topologies for various solutions and needs. The networks are built based

Data collection solutions

Application Scanmatic offers a wide range of data acquisition solutions used in many different applications. The solutions usually consist

Dam and structure monitoring

Application Scanmatic monitors mechanical structures in the power industry. There are several current applications shown below: Technology Pipe breaks

Monitoring system

Application Scanmatic supplies various types of monitoring systems used in the energy industry. Examples of this could be: Technology

H2 Data collection

Application H2 is a general data collection system which, in addition to Scanmatic’s own stations, also supports collection

Green hatch control

Application Scanmatic supplies “green” hatch controls to hydropower plants. These are controls used in places with limited infrastructure ie

Weather stations

Application The Swedish Road Administration today has approx. 300 weather stations delivered by Scanmatic, along the road network in

Event detection AID

Application Scanmatic delivers automatic incident detection (AID) for tunnels in all regions of Norway. AID systems can be