Data Acquisition solution


Scanmatic offers a wide range of data collection solutions used in different applications in the energy industry. The solutions usually consist of one or more data loggers and a number of sensors that measure different parameters. In addition, there is a data collection system that collects data from the various data collection units. The data collection system can be standalone or connected to SCADA or other top systems.


Scanmatic is a vendor-dependent system integrator that offers both proprietary data loggers and data collection units from other vendors to provide the best solution for the user. There are different types of data collection devices and some relevant devices are shown below:

  • Dataloggers
  • Field stations / IED (Intelligent Electronic Device)
  • RTU
  • PLC
  • Industry-PCs
  • IO-controllers

The data collection unit communicates with a data collection system or with a top system e.g. SCADA. Communication usually takes place over classic serial interfaces such as RS232, RS485 or RS422 or packet-based interfaces such as Ethernet. The communication protocol used is usually a standard protocol such as. IEC 101/104. Proprietary protocols are often used between the data collection system and the data collection device. Standard communication protocols are usually used between the data collection device and other top systems such as SCADA. TCP / IP, Modbus or IEC-101/104. The solution handles present values ​​and historical values, messages and commands. The measurements are stored locally in the data collection unit before being regularly transmitted to the data collection system. The data collection system supports both regular questioning of data and spontaneous submission of data. The data collection system synchronizes the data collection units so that all the units have a common understanding of time. The sensors are connected to the data collection device using analog interfaces such as 4-20 mA loops, or digital interfaces such as Modbus or SDI-12. Different proprietary protocols (ASCII) between sensor and data collection device are also often used. There is also support for digital inputs and digital outputs for controlling external equipment and for transmitting messages and commands with existing equipment. The solution power supplies from one or more power sources e.g. mains voltage and battery or solar panel and battery. The equipment is mounted in a cabinet or other package adapted to the environment to be used.