Mooring Line Monitoring – Proximity Switch


Movable cables are a known problem in many applications – especially for Mooring Line Integrity Monitoring.
Scanmatic has a new solution to this: A robust sensor system for monitoring offshore dynamic structures without any cables crossing the dynamic/movable area.


Scanmatic uses the experience of previous projects to design a solution with high technical quality at the right price.

The solution consists of a sensor with several inductive proximity sensors built into a subsea enclosure mounted on the hull of the installation. The sensor continuously detects the presence of metal in front of the sensor elements and by having a coded plate on the movable section information about the relative angle of the mooring line is provided.

Using the metal coded plate (or flag), the system provides positioning and alarm handling for Mooring Link, Chain Stopper or other moving parts that are monitored. The senors are protected in a robust subsea enclosure filled with polyurethane potting. This provides a galvanic barrier while protecting the sensors from water ingress, vibration and shock.