Sensor system as payload for drones


Drones can be used as a mobile platform for sensors for measurement and monitoring. Typical applications are monitoring of emissions of gases or radioactivity in the event of accidents, measurement of exhaust gases on emissions from ships or industry, or meteorological observations for various purposes.


Scanmatic AS’s expertise and experience in instrumentation and development of embedded solutions with a focus on low-current design and effective communication solutions are key factors for creating robust sensor solutions that can be attached and used on drones. We can create fully integrated systems using the drone’s own communication and power supply solutions, or stand alone solution using external communication and integrated battery.

When it comes to the operations of the drone itself, Scanmatic has provided software that is integrated with the drone system or other monitoring systems. This is possible due to the system’s open and modular structure. It is also quite possible to get solutions where you can “stream” live video and measurement data to a central location such as an emergency room regardless of the location of the drone operator.