Monitoring system


Scanmatic supplies various types of monitoring systems used in the energy industry. Examples of this could be:

  • Data collection system
  • Video Surveillance System (VMS)
  • SCADA system
  • Network monitoring system based on SNMP


Scanmatic has for many years developed its own data collection system (Hidacs replaced with H2). H2, is Scanmatic’s latest tool for data collection, data storage and presentation of historical measurements or present value measurements. H2 consists of a number of modules, which can be combined into a complete data acquisition system as needed. The system includes a rich functionality, covering everything from remote configuration of data loggers, to data collection and presentation of data. Current values ​​can be presented graphically or tailored to each user. Historical data is usually displayed graphically, but can also be displayed in tabular form.

H2 can be used as a stand-alone system or connected to SCADA systems or production planning systems.

Video surveillance systems are used in conjunction with a number of cameras to monitor power plants. It gives the possibility to show videos from the cameras in the moment, but the videos can be saved and shown afterwards as needed. The cameras can be remotely controlled directly from the VMS system. The system supports both audio and video and can easily be connected to access systems.

The SCADA system is used for management and control of the power plant.

A network monitoring system is used to monitor all network elements in a utility’s communications network. It will also monitor connections and services on this network. SNMP is a standard protocol used for communication with the network elements.

The VMS, SCADA and SNMP systems are third-party products that we tailor to the user’s needs.