Trusted by the Norwegian Armed Forces since 1971. Scanmatic has been known in the market for 50 years.

We use our in-house world leading expertise in sensor technology, data- processing and communications to design and globally deliver specialized military solutions.

Our main focus areas for Defence are:

  • Hydro Acoustics
  • Off-grid Power
  • Defence IoT

We offer a broad range of PRODUCTS, SOLUTIONS & SERVICES in the field of Maritime Warfare, and provide solutions for both Fixed and Mobile Applications, manned or unmanned.

We offer sensor technology and instrumentation that enables control and monitoring of any asset, any device or structure. 
Data may be integrated with into any third-party system, or we offer our own software suit; H2™.


Sonar3 is Scanmatic’s new generation of core technology for systems within underwater acoustics and sonar ...

VLA – Vertical Line Array

The Vertical Line Array (VLA) is a system for recording, visualizing and storing underwater acoustic ...

SONTAS – Sonar Tester at Site

Sonar Tester At Site, SONTAS, is a complete portable and battery powered system for calibrating ...

STM – Sonar Transponder Module

Scanmatic’s sonar transponder module. Photo: Teledyne Gavia Scanmatic’s sonar transponder module (STM) receives and analyzes sound ...

Delivering advanced hydroacoustic solutions

Scanmatic has for the past 50 years developed and delivered advanced solutions within the field ...

VLA – Vertical Line Array

The Vertical Line Array (VLA), is a system for recording, visualization and storing of underwater ...


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