STM – Sonar Transponder Module

Scanmatic’s sonar transponder module. Photo: Teledyne Gavia

Scanmatic’s sonar transponder module (STM) receives and analyzes sound signals from sonar, and generates an echo or emits pre-stored sound signals. In “echo-repeat”, the STM adds a signature to the received sonar pulse and sends back this modified sound pulse. To a sonar operator, it looks like there is a real submarine on the sonar screen.

Scanmatic’s STM is a standalone module that allows any AUV to be turned into a sonar training target. Today, military AUVs are mainly used to look for mines or collect one-way information. With Scanmatic’s STM, the same AUV can also be used for the training of those departments within the Navy that focus on underwater warfare.

The STM consists of a water-filled part with hydroacoustic transducers for sound transmission, an air-filled electronics module that communicates with the AUV’s brain, and hydrophone(s) mounted on or towed to the vehicle. STM can simulate a wide range of realistic targets and is a cost-effective tool for sonar training.

Sonar3 processor and DSP unit at the heart of all new STM deliveries.