State-of-the-art expertise in sensor technology

Scanmatic utilises cutting-edge expertise in sensor technology, data processing, and data communication to conceive and deliver specialised instrumentation and communication solutions for customers operating within the offshore and marine sectors.

Our solutions primarily revolve around instrumentation and sensor technology, encompassing a diverse spectrum of offerings and services, including product development, system integration, SCADA systems, control systems, data communication, and data collection.

In the offshore domain, our system integration products cover aspects such as mooring line monitoring, lifeboat navigation, and water quality monitoring for aquaculture applications.

Drawing from extensive experience in project execution, we maintain stringent procedures and a well-established quality system to ensure projects are executed safely and securely. We consistently adhere to industry norms and regulations throughout the project lifecycle and delivery process.

We deliver:

  • Mooring Line Monitoring (MLM)
  • Lifeboat Navigation Assistant (LNA)
  • Acoustic Subsea Monitoring
  • Offloading Hose Inspection
  • Systems and Instrumentation for Aquaculture


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Jan-Øyvind Halén

Sales engineer, Offshore
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