SM5059 Hydrological / Meteorological datalogger

SM5059 is a datalogger optimized for data acquisition and remote control for meteorology, hydrology and environmental monitoring. The datalogger handles measurement in real time as well as historical values. Messages and alarms are handled in real time, with the option for time stamping and a historical buffer. Commands are handled in real time. SM5059 use the same working principles and software modules as the previous generation of Scanmatic dataloggers: SM5041, SM5042, SM5045 and SM5049.

SM5059 functionality:

  • General datalogger for meteorology and hydrology data acquisition applications.
  • In line with WMO requirements for sensor handling and calculation algorithms.
  • Low power dissipation optimized for solar/battery or battery powered applications.
  • Supporting a wide range of sensors and sensor vendors.
  • Wide range of physical interfaces:
    • RS232 serial ports
    • RS485 serial ports
      • Can be used for SMIO expansion modules for additional interfaces
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    • SDI-12 port
    • Analog interfaces for measurement of voltage, current or resistance
    • Digital inputs and outputs
    • Frequency inputs
    • Support of both isolated and non-isolated interfaces
  • Wide range of communication protocols:
    • IEC 60870-5-101/104, RP-07, Modbus TCP/RTU, TCP/IP, HTTP, NMEA, ASCII, …
    • Many proprietary protocols for different sensor vendors.
  • Power switches and dedicated power supplies for sensors.
  • Integrated keyboard and color display.
  • Storage for 200 samples per hour in 24 months in internal Flash-based file system.
  • USB port for external data storage and SW upgrades.
  • Real time clock with support for daylight savings.
  • Fully SW configurable i.e. no jumpers or pot meters.
  • Programmable through SMAPI.
  • Set-point controller and PID controller functionality.
  • HIDACS/H2 data acquisition system.
    • Local and remote configuration.
  • High performance 32 bits ARM9 embedded CPU.
  • Windows CE RTOS.
  • Expandable with modular I/O (SMIO) modules.

A SM5059 datalogger system consists of the SM5059 unit and optional I/O modules for expansion of I/O capacity. The SMIO units are the same as used for the SM5049 datalogger.

The datalogger communicates over a wide range of different media: RS232, RS485, SDI-12, Ethernet and USB, and has support for POTS modem, xDSL, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS/3G/4G, Iridium, Inmarsat, VHF radio and UHF radio. The HIDACS/H2 data acquisition system, together with the SM5059, is a complete system for remote supervision/control.

SM5059 supports internally up to 8 interfaces for analog sensors. The interfaces support differential and single ended voltage measurements, current measurements and resistance measurements, both for PT-100 and half bridge.

The SM5059 can be connected to sensors via the following interfaces: 8 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs, 4 frequency inputs, SDI-12, SDI-12/RS485, 5 RS232 interfaces and 2 RS485 interfaces. All other connections are done via separate SMIO modules. The SMIO bus, used for communication between SM5059 and SMIO modules, is based on RS485.

The datalogger includes 6 power switches for control of external loads. The voltage for each switch is monitored by the datalogger. Two power supplies for sensors (+12V) are also included.

SM5059 is delivered in a rugged aluminum cabinet (IP-42) with integrated GUI. The GUI includes the following features:

  • Power LED
  • On/Off key for display
  • Color display 320×240 pixels
  • Keyboard
  • 8 customer defined LED’s
  • 4 customer defined function keys

SMIO modules:

The following SMIO modules are available for modular expansion of I/O:

SM7552Analog input (mA): 4 channels
SM7553Analog input (V): 4 channels
SM7554Analog input (mA): 2 channelsAnalog input (Half-bridge): 2 channels
SM7555Digital Input: 12 channels
SM7556Digital Output: 12 channels
SM7557Analog Input (RTD): 1 channel