SONDEC – Sonar Decoy, Torpedo Countermeasure

Defending against a wire guided torpedo attack is a complicated and crew intensive scenario. In order to have a successful application of TCM and Torpedo counterattack, continuous training and tactic development is needed to counter ever changing threats.

The SONDEC is a highly configurable unit with the possibility to add custom decoy target profiles. Making you able to customize your TCM, to fit your TCM tactics and deployment.

SONDEC can operate with a wide combination of modes, and is a powerful tool to disrupt incoming torpedoes and provide protection. Giving you the control and specifics over the countermeasure behavior in order to fit your submarine and threat.


  • Anti-torpedo countermeasure
  • Sonar decoy
  • Sonar seducer
SONDEC ethernet configuration
SONDEC configuration web interface