H2 Data collection


H2 is a general data collection system which, in addition to Scanmatic’s own stations, also supports collection from other data loggers. A variety of protocols, both standard and proprietary, are supported. Data is stored in an open SQL database and can be displayed in a web-based presentation module or forwarded to higher-level systems (eg operations center) using standard protocols or file formats.


H2 runs as a service on all modern Windows platforms and has web-based tools for administration and presentation. For easy access to collected data from third-party tools, there is a well-documented RestAPI and a SignalR interface.

User groups and station groups are used for access control to stations and data. A user group can only have access to selected stations and it is also possible to limit access to individual measurements to selected user groups.

H2 has a separate module to calculate new metrics based on collected data. This can e.g. be conversion between different units or calculation of water flow from water level.
Notification of events from e.g. Threshold values ​​can be set via e-mail and SMS.