Automation (management, regulation and monitoring)


Scanmatic has supplied SRO to several large transport projects in Norway. With this, we have built up good trust as a supplier of robust automation systems to the Swedish Road Administration and now also more recently Nye Veier AS.

We manufacture control cabinets and deliver, among other things, networks, emergency telephony, AID, ITV and PLCs that control and monitor the entire facility. We are also happy to contribute in the design phase.

A typical SRO delivery often consists of the following:

  • AID – camera or radar based event detection
  • Emergency station cabinet
  • Sew for fans and signs
  • Radio and communication facilities
  • PLCs and RIOs (bus terminals)
  • Network


Scanmatic uses well-known brands and good quality off-the-shelf products for equipment included in SRO.

There are many systems that need to talk to each other in a typical SRO delivery. Among other things IP telephony, PLC signals, AID from radar or camera, ITV, road toll management, emergency centers and so on. In order for all of this to be handled in a sensible way, most of the data traffic is presented via an OPC interface, which in turn is presented nicely at the road traffic center (VTS).